About Classes


It’s Thyme to Cook is an interactive, hands-on cooking school in Madison, Alabama for individuals seeking fun and educational opportunities to learn new skills and gain confidence in the kitchen. We specialize in providing small classes for one-on-one instruction in a state-of-the-art kitchen. We are conveniently located near Hwy. 72 and Slaughter/Jeff Roads.  See “Contact” page or call/text at:  256-527-2168.

Our Mission: The mission of It’s Thyme To Cook is to provide fun, interactive and educational opportunities for adults and children alike to learn new skills and gain confidence in the kitchen. Our goal is to bring family and friends together in the joyous celebration of preparing and sharing delicious, nutritious food in the home.

The timing is right. There is renewed interest in food and its preparation both from the standpoint of personal interest and satisfaction and for its nutritional benefits.  Whether you are a novice or seasoned cook, culinary is such a diverse and evolving field that you are sure to pick up new skills or information with a class at It’s Thyme To Cook.

New Private Group Classes: This is a private class of your choosing with friends, family, co-workers, church members, a social club, home school groups or others of your choice… read more.